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KOS-MOS is the (first) pride and joy of Vector Industries, and as such, he's inherently fond of her... as much as someone like Wilhelm can be, anyway. He has conversed on her on a few occasions, and she is mandated by her programming to follow each and every one of his commands, unless they would place Shion in danger. The moment he saw her archetype-like rampage coming, he put plans into motion to draw Mary out of her. Allen, Jr., MOMO, and Yeshua probably won't like the idea he has in mind for how he's going to do that, though. Wilhelm has also been wanting an opportunity to talk with KOS-MOS for a prolonged amount of time, but Shion hasn't been very accommodating in that regard, for obvious reasons. Good instincts, there.

These two go way back. Way, way back. As in, thousands if not billions of years. While they exist as polar opposites of one another - Wilhelm being the Order to Yeshua's Chaos - Yeshua hasn't been actively resisting Wilhelm in millenia. Here, Yeshua seems wary of Wilhelm, and might even be intentionally disregarding the fact that without Mary's awakening, Animus' presence (no pun intended) in the Tower creates a very real possibility of Anima awakening in the Tower. This obvious means Wilhelm is most likely going to take matters into his own hands, and as such, Yeshua has been keeping a close eye on Wilhelm because of this. While Wilhelm has never done anything openly hostile to Yeshua, that might change due to Mary not being around to keep Anima in check. Wilhelm has, however, stated that he would not mourn the loss of this world. While true, he'd still rather Anima not awaken. He has... other plans.

Xenosaga (au)
Allen Ridgely
Even Wilhelm was surprised by Allen being a Testament. That said, it interested him, but for an entirely different reason. Allen's presence indicated a previous, successful Recurrence, which served as proof to him that everything the Adminsitrators said about his world being destroyed was complete and utter BS. Allen doesn't trust Wilhelm now that he knows that he tortured Shion in an attempt to force her to activate Zarathustra, which Wilhelm doesn't seem to care about at all. Allen doesn't seem to understand what any of Wilhelm's current goals are, and seems nervous about the fact that he Wilhelm is being 'too quiet.' Needless to say, he's just playing a long-term game, for now.

Shion Uzuki
Naturally, Shion was nervous just at the thought that Wilhelm was in the Tower. She wondered how someone like Wilhelm can possibly be kept prisoner like everyone else in the Tower, and Wilhelm responded by saying that it was a blessing in diguise. Of course, he didn't elaborate. Wilhelm is aware that Shion got her pendant back during an event, which is one of the ways Wilhelm plans to awaken Mary inside of KOS-MOS. THe other way... may or may not result in Shion getting hurt, along with Yeshua.

Gaignun Kukai, Jr.
As if this even needs to be said, Jr. was extremely angered to see Wilhelm. He threatened Wilhelm multiple times, and of course, Wilhelm wasn't even remotely intimidated by guns. Jr. seems to be keeping an eye on Wilhelm for now, but their interaction has been minimal otherwise.

MOMO Mizrahi
Wilhelm is actually rather indifferent towards MOMO. While he never had anything personal against the Mizrahi family - if anything, he might even liked Joachim - but they still had to die as a part of his plans. MOMO herself was a rather small piece of the puzzle for the eternal recurrence, but integral none the less. In the Tower, they have only interacted a few times so far, but on all occasions, MOMO seemed nervous, though she at least made an effort to be polite. Thankfully for her, Wilhelm's current plans don't concern her. Yet.

Deadman Wonderland
While Wilhelm met Wretched Egg before he met Shiro, Shiro is the one he talked to more often. Shiro's first impression of Wilhelm was "Mister looks like Shiro!," something Wilhelm found amusing and has since been rather fond of her. Shiro talks to him quite often, and he has long since learned to expect her popping out of nowhere. She's told him about Ganta and 'Aceman,' something he hasn't brought up to Wretched Egg... mostly because he doesn't care.

Deadman Wonderland
Wretched Egg
Ever since learning - the hard way, I might add - that Wilhelm isn't as easy to kill as she might have liked, Wretched Egg has been appearing almost as often as Shiro does simply to talk to him. She appears to be interested mainly in Mary and Yeshua, mostly for violent reasons. While Wilhelm has yet to see the full extent of what Wretched Egg is capable of (especially without the Mother Goose System present in the Tower to restrain her), he can tell she's very dangerous, even if she may not necessarily be dangerous to him anymore now that she's apparently given up on fighting him. He does find her fascinating, but he's wary of sharing too much information with her. His vague responses and confusing choice of words obviously frustrates her.

Bungaku Shoujo
Tohko Amano
Tohko has stuck her nose into Wilhelm's business probably more than even Shion has since he arrived in the Tower. Almost every time Wilhelm makes any kind of public appearance, she's not far behind. She seems to have dedicated herself to coming up with 'alternatives' to the eternal recurrence in his world, ranging from semi-plausible if impossible, to downright absurd and fantastical. She gave him an Othello set for Christmas, a gesture he appreciated. She also owes him three favors for revealing the locations of life-saving candy to her during another event, but the fact that he hasn't called in any of them so far seems to worry her. She knows he's up to something and refers to him as a 'chessmaster' (much to Wilhelm's amusement), but as to what it is, she's as dumbfounded as anyone else. That said, one can make the case that she has a better idea as to what it might be than anyone else in the Xenosaga cast.

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